A Blog Compliment

What’s in a word?

This is probably one of the considerations in choosing a name for a blog. To be unique is to be alone to claim the description connected to the word or phrase.

Kintal is an old but poetic Tagalog word, associated with memory and impression. It means etched or imprinted. The modern meaning could be tattooed.

How appropriate for a very talented impressionist and poet, Marilyn. Her art is uniquely presented with a dash of sprinkled verses on it. You’ll have to see them yourself.

Thank you, Marilyn of Kintal for your nomination.

abc-award (1)

The rules are:

1. Display the logo in a post

2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back.

3, Using the alphabet, describe yourself in a word or a phrase.

4. Nominate eight (8) deserving bloggers and inform them of the nomination.

Here’s the ABC’s of me: (copied from another post Zest)

A – Avid farmer

B – Brisk walker

C – Constant reader

D – Determined worker

E – Encouraged by Hope

F – Fate believer

G – Going somewhere

H – Hate laziness

I – Interested in Aliens

J – Just a simple guy

K- Kid at heart

L – Love my country

M – Mystery writer

N – Net surfer

O – Outlandish thinking (at times)

P – Party escapee

Q – Quest for knowledge

R – Riveted to anything unusual

S – September born

T – Treat others fairly

U – Understanding

V – Vent rage against grass

W – Willing to sacrifice

X – Xed armed aggression

Y – Yes to free expression

Z – Zero tolerance for extremists

My nominees are:


curious vogel


arcilla y fuego


life is color

hunt FOR truth on wordpress

my botanical garden

Thank you all for the support and encouragement.


24 thoughts on “A Blog Compliment

  1. I love KIntal’s works.. I read them everyday but my WP reader does not allow me to like them.. SHE is truly wonderful.

    1. “nakakintal sa alaala ang una naming pagkikita” or etched in memory the first time we saw each other.
      You could say the result is unforgettable.
      I wrote poems in Tagalog when I was young, Wanted to be a lyricist then. 🙂
      Thank you for the best wishes.

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