A free verse for Belinda of Busy Mind Thinking.

Caught a glimpse of you,

Somewhere in a dream,

Floating above a flower,

Near a mythical stream.

Why do you weep?

Staring down on a leaf,

Slowly losing life,

Time is Β like a thief.

Do not mourn Nature,

For you will discover,

A new growth underneath,

Hope will always deliver.

Rise to the occasion,

Leave the worrying,

Provide us with beauty,

That is your calling.

39 thoughts on “Fairy

  1. To say you have deeply moved me would be an understatement. To say the comments of friends hadn’t touched the core of my being, would be a lie. This writing and the comments are so very beautiful and I am too blessed. Sending so very much love to you!

    1. You inspire a lot of us. This is the least I could do so you will continue. You touched us with your courage. That is a very precious gift you gave us.

  2. Reblogged this on Busy Mind Thinking and commented:
    I haven’t been well enough to be here; but signed on to answer messages because I know friends are concerned when they don’t see me here. While doing so, I saw this. You, my friends, are the cause of so many happy tears. Much love to you…so very much.

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