Successfully sent three posts via QuickPress.

However, I cannot access the comments section because of the slow connection. It is always severed at the last moment.
Once there is a more secure connection, I will respond to all your comments. Thank you for keeping me company through these trying times.

P.S. I read all your comments via basic Gmail. I am really touched for your kind words and complete concern for our safety. May God return to you the favor, to experience good health and all blessings for a secure life.


12 thoughts on “Trying

    1. Still very slow connection. This is a lucky so I am taking advantage of replying to all previous comments.
      Thank you for all the prayers.
      Blessings, belsbror

    1. I have to stay busy to take my mind away from thinking about my relatives in the worst hit areas.
      The connection is back to normal. Thank you for sticking with me.
      blessings, belsbror

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