199. Goal

If you play the game of football, you will realize how difficult it is to score.

The pitch is long and wide, the grounds can be wet and slippery, the players against you are skillful and ever ready to repel your advances. Almost all the odds are against you.

Life in general is like football: you have love ones and friends as your team mates,and all sorts of problems and obstacles as your opponents.

But, you can score with the right attitude, hard work and moral support from everyone who wishes you luck. It is similar with any of your other goals in life.


Frankly, I feel somewhat uneasy to receive the award nominations from the intelligent chandni@shiekland and the impressive Brenda at friendlyfairytales, who have established  themselves in their own way. I have still a long way to go but with everyone’s growing confidence in my abilities, I will never lose sight of my goal. I will score eventually.

My nominees for the award are more deserving for they display their own brand of creativity and resolve I can only aspire for.


the nomadic soliloquist

cindy knoke


advocatemmmohan aksharaalu

the seeker

source of inspiration

gotta find a home

russel ray photos

the accidental cootchie mama

When you see someone as your inspiration, watch and learn. I do.


20 thoughts on “199. Goal

  1. Mr. Belsbror: Woooo whoooo…. You definitely deserve this. I really enjoy reading your story telling way of writing. Filipino sure do have a way with words. Thank you for the mention. Will pass it forward and Congratulations to you. Seeker

      1. Siyempre. 🙂
        Log out na ako kasi low batt na. Hindi ako, ha? Brownout na naman. Kung pwede lang ikabit and computer sa lupa, matagal ko nang ginawa.
        Have a blessed day. Hear from me next weekend. 🙂

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