198. Service

In my personal view,

Loyalty is one of the miracles in a friendship.

It will be tested through the course of the relationship. And, many will fail and flounder when principles collide. But, many more will fight to the end to preserve a selfless trait.


The thought of loyalty from chandni@shiekland and miracle from friendlyfairytales combined to form a strong bond. Through their strength, I feel truly inspired to move forward. To both, I am deeply honored for their trust.

To receive the awards, my nominees are:


ellie k. belfiglio

being me from a to z

fill the empty spaces

samina’s forum for police support

focus on Him.

buffalotompeabody’s blog

veraiconica’s blog


mrs. nelson’s math tutoring

However small our contributions are, it is the goodness in our hearts that matter most. 🙂



16 thoughts on “198. Service

  1. Thank you so much my friend for such an honor of nominating me for these beautiful awards. But first I congratulate you for winning these prestigious awards which you deserve very well. My best wishes and prayers for more sweet success in future. Thanks once again and you are awesome.

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