193. Side Trip

When I was small boy I wondered where sweets came from. My mother used to point to the jar of brown sugar. That’s it.

Later, I became more educated that I discovered that sugar is but one of the ingredients of the commercially-sold candies. Other flavors are added for variety.

So, where am I leading to with this premise? Food processing.

I told myself, why not make a quick tour of several sites about the subject. No harm trying.

It was a fruitful (forgive the pun) search. I found out I can make my own home-made sweets using local ingredients. Cool!

You see, here in the province, we eat fruits the natural way. But sometimes, you can only eat as much as your appetites crave or your stomachs can take. Fruits go to waste due to oversupply.

With practice, I can process excess fruits.  I can also help others start making their own. We can decrease wastage and promote self-employment.

What a way to turn a negative into positive. Not only that,  we know what we are eating and where it comes from.



13 thoughts on “193. Side Trip

  1. I think it’s great if you can find a way to decrease wastage and promote self-employment. Truly what being innovative and inspiring is all about.

    1. The problem of farmers is oversupply that leads to low prices. Other countries had remedied this problem. Sadly, in this country, the government has other things in mind except the welfare of the farmers and their families. We are even used as patsies in their corruption scams where they use our names illegally to steal from the national treasury.

      1. In Manila, these fruits sell. Here in the province, they simply rot because almost everyone has fruit-bearing trees.Oversupply is the problem. Hence, processing is a solution.

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