191. Opportunity

Want a quick credit? Want to buy merchandize on installment basis?

Some people are allergic of banks and malls. They want services delivered to them.

Just wait for the motorcycle man coming in the neighborhood at certain hours in the morning or afternoon. You will not miss him because he talks funny for a native, the rhythm of his pronunciation surely comes from the Indian subcontinent.

If you are a new customer, you will be pleased with the affordability of his offer (provided you are not a lover of math). The daily payment is certainly an easy way to carry out a transaction than to go to a bank, wait for the credit investigation and all the hassles of formalities. Or, to shell out a major amount in one go when you buy in the mall or any store for that matter.

To frequent creditors, the sight of him can be of two ways. First, you have money and pay: he will be pleased. Second, you do not have a centavo so you hide somewhere he cannot find you: he will be pissed.

Come to think of it, why do these individuals spend time and money on gasoline and exert great effort to provide you with the home service? What’s in for them, besides the joy of traveling and meeting new people?

Fetch a calculator. Say, you borrow a thousand pesos and you agree to pay 50 pesos daily for a month. His profit for the whole month of the transaction is 500 pesos.

Peanuts, you might say.

What if you discover that the same man services fifty or more like you? Do the math.

Remove all his expenses and still he is way ahead. Money keeps rolling in.



6 thoughts on “191. Opportunity

  1. I know some guys who claim to be allergic to malls. They will sleep in the car instead of being dragged inside. More pertinent to your post, the math really does add up!

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