185. The Ring

A wonderful Bunch of Awards was given to me by an author of much talent. If you wish to learn more of the versatility of Laura Crean, check her blog for prize-winning poems.

I thank her for the nominations.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy inculcated to me the value of friendship, when strangers are brought together and united as one to go on a quest for the good of man.

In some peculiar way, blogging brought me to an unfamiliar journey of the mind. Former strangers came to my rescue when I needed it, gave me consolation when I was in despair and brought me joy when the light of the sun is blocked by loneliness.

Now, they are strangers no more, for they hover often in the background, looking over me and lending an imaginary figure for me to lean on.

To the fellowship, my heartfelt appreciation for being there for me. Thank you.



the nomadic soliloquist




written thoughts

i didn’t have my glasses on


My journey has still a long way to go. I am not afraid because you are all coming with me. 🙂


15 thoughts on “185. The Ring

    1. 30 minutes to midnight here. 🙂
      Sorry for the late reply. Had to baby sit for a few hours. (laughs)
      Semper fidelis has five nominees, reader appreciation and creative blogger need ten each. I did not include rules because it will make the post longer. 🙂

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