188. Good Feeling

In our world, morning will not be complete without the energizing rays of the sun.  We need the charging effect to give us the zest to proceed with vigor and vitality.

In the universe of the Internet, there are thousands of blog-like suns which provide similar rays: of hope, laughter and even tears of joy.  Our web journey is a much worthwhile when we encounter contents that bring smiles to our hearts and minds.


I thank ms tranquility of being me from a to z for the nomination. She brought me her bright news with a sunny greeting. Such is the welcome you will feel when you visit her blog.

My nominees are:


love life

nobodyputs sarah in the corner


the mother of nine9

going places with smiling faces

fascinations of a vanilla housewife

elephant’s picture book



If you wish to follow the rules of the award, please check the post A Shining Moment, (ehem?). Thank you,