184. Diligence

A Whisper says:

When time is not on your side.

It’s important to explain than be quiet.

I have to admit that I am doing something that is beyond me. I thought I can handle it to the best of my abilities but I am wrong.

My intentions are good. I want to please everyone if that’s possible.

I’ve been reading blogs since I logged on this morning except during food breaks and a nap. As you might read by now, my last three posts were all about awards, which I considered sharing gifts. It’s part of my blogging experience that I deem necessary and important to fulfill.

If I cannot reply to some of your comments in time, I am really sorry. I have to read more blogs so I can finish the rest of my obligations: more awards posts.

I am deeply grateful to those who nominated me. Equally, I am grateful to all visitors and readers of my blog.

So, please bear with me during this lull. I am here in the background. Just imagine I am just an elf preparing gifts. 🙂


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