160. In Vogue

What do you feel about trends?

They come and go. They fade. They come back and fade again. A continuous cycle, so it seems.


However, it is different in the blogging world. Trends here are set by individual bloggers in their site. For us readers, awesome content can be saved, seen again and often cherished. That’s how I feel when I visit  ajaytao2010 site. The trend is to mesmerize you with photos, enlighten you with inspirational quotes and keep you there for a long time.

Thank you, Ajay. I appreciate your consideration to nominate me for this award. In my small way, I hope I can provide entertaining and meaningful content to follow your example.

I wiish to share the gift to my nominees. Their sites are:





insight from a woman’s heart


the write place

vast imaginations

valeriu dg barbu blog


the war in my brain

project light of life


the loquacionist

leaf and twig

To the nominees, if you want to follow the rules, please click the post Sparks.

Thank you.



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