152. Timely

When we look at our own lives, we can pinpoint our best and words moments. Some of those closer to us can add their share of memories. And the further away from our personal circles, some memories differ in significance.

In blogging, we share most of what we think mirrors ourselves. If we are funny in person, most likely our posts will have humorous content. And so on and so forth.

However, our readers will not probably come from the same genre we use. But that’s the beauty of it all. A funny person will not always want to read about humor. He or she might want to explore inspirational teachings or appreciate beautiful photographs. And so on and so forth.

That’s me. That’s you. That’s us. Bloggers all.

My Un-Puzzled Heart shared with me this award. For that, I am honored and grateful. She perhaps believed that I posted some of my funny moments to lighten up the mood of my readers.

You should visit her blog and experience her human emotions.

As for the rest of us, we need the varieties of living to make our lives more worthwhile.


My nominees:

diede;s thoughts

swallow in the wind

the product poet

break room stories

starting from broke


i’ll pick a good title later

goldy’s diary

insight from a woman’s heart

heron there & everywhere

some kind of wonderland

defusing chaos

talking experience


Sharing is a universal task we need to propagate.  🙂

P.S.  Please check my post Captured in Time for the rules if you wish to go that route. Thank you.



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