145. Delight

There are always times when something you least expect comes from somewhere you never expected at all. That;s what I think ‘surprise’ means.

As a recipient, you will surely shower your giver with much appreciation for thinking of you as deserving of the surprise. This was the sentiment I felt when Annet Bell of Tales Along The Way nominated me for the Quintet of Radiance: Five Ennobling Awards. I’m truly honored.

You can follow her various journeys and feel as if you’re beside her during the trips. 🙂

The idea behind the awards is to serve as  a constant reminder for our thoughts to remain Versatile to brighten up the dark pathways of the mind with Sunshine, respect our Inner Peace, bring about changes by being positively Influential, and make this pale blue planet an Awesome place to abide in.

As per her explanation about following the rules, I respect her decision. I will also follow her example with the nominations.


abc-award (1)

versatile-blogger-nominations (1)most-influential-blogger (1)



i didn’t have my glasses on

valley girl gone country

the polar zone





all but homeless


If you want to share a gift to more of your readers, you can follow the route I’ve taken the first time I received the five nominations. You can check the posts Duo: The Twin Awards, Zest, Simultaneous and Mastery in the Thank you page.


22 thoughts on “145. Delight

  1. Congratulations, Mr. b. We will shower the rest of the blogging world with your awards. Thank you and we will surprise them with your generosity as well.

  2. Congratulations of your nomination and the way you included me on this special list, was so awesome! I appreciate the quintet of awards and will be posting today about this auspicious set! Thanks so much!

  3. I finally completed my post that includes your blog and your nominating me. I fully appreciate your following and comments, along with the special gift of the nomination! Take care, Robin

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