93. Me a-flutter

So you may know,always-here-if-you-need-me1from the balcony she watched over me, perhaps aware of my need for redemption. She kept me going by her strength of inspiration. Thank you, ellespeth.

This blog award is for those bloggers out there who are especially caring and loyal to their friends. This award is to thank you for being there with me, through good times and bad. And for going above and beyond the call of duty to cheer me up when I was low.

Post a picture of the award somewhere on your blog.
List five things that make you happy.
Choose 5 people to nominate who have been a virtual shoulder to cry on, checked in on you when they knew things were rough, or has always been there for you.
Comment on their blogs to thank them and let them know you nominated you.

There are a lot of things that make me happy but here’s five that ranks foremost in my life.

* I wake up. (Thank God!)

* I wrong no one.

* I helped someone in need. ( not necessarily financially)

* I learn something everyday.

* Daily sustenance (food, water, inspiration and others)

Bloggers I nominate are:

ksbeth                                   theholisticconsultant

brinicles                                misssamanthajill

kat bultman

Always appreciate anything good that comes your way, however, small it might be. I do. 🙂


5 thoughts on “93. Me a-flutter

    1. Had the same problem myself because I’m also newcomer at this. I can explain but remember I am no expert. 😀
      Point to the image with your mouse and right click. Point to the Save this and left click. Choose your Media Library (pictures directory) and point your mouse to the Open (below) and left click. The picture will be saved.
      When you post, point to Add New and left click. Write your usual title. Then, when you write the main body of your post, look for the Add Media in the kitchen sink and left click. The menu that will appear will show Add media. Choose to upload files. Select the image and open. The badge will automatically show in the main body of your post. Add your content.
      Hope you are not more confused than before. 😀

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