88. A Shining Moment (ehem?)

A wonderful blogger nominated me for this award because he said and I quote, “I really enjoy your content.” Many thanks to aedania.


Here’s how the nomination works:

* Use the logo above in the post.

* Link to whoever nominated you.

* Write ten pieces of information about yourself.

* Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.”

* Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

Difficult to enumerate ten things about myself but here’s a try:

1. I believe there’s a supernatural Being.

2. I always believe that fate is fate, whatever road you travel, you’re still end up in your designated destination.

3. I believe in freedom of expression.

4. I sit  in front of the computer with a farmer’s point of view, ready to cultivate other peoples’ thoughts and opinions.

5. I consider myself a curious cat but I can also be an early-morning observant owl.

6. This can be difficult to believe but I think I have an unharnessed gift of foresight.

7. Being poor is not a liability. It makes me closer to Nature.

8. I adapt to any situation that comes my way.

9. I always believe that even when life’s storms come, the sun is still out there, ready to give warmth to our lives.

10. I am still single by choice but as I wrote in number 2, I’ll be there when I get there.

Here’s the list of blog sites I nominate for the award.

Good Time Stories             A Regular Cup of Joe

All but Homeless                 My Written Thoughts!

Life in Russia                       James Rovira

BalconyViewz                      Writings of a Mrs

Violet Wave Soul                 Travel Photos

I do appreciate those who take time to read what I have written.

Happy Blogging!


14 thoughts on “88. A Shining Moment (ehem?)

  1. Hey, thanks for the award. I really appreciate it and it seriously means a lot to me. But at the moment I am not going to be able to accept it right now. I hope you understand and keep up the awesome writing 🙂

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