Music To My Ears

Back in the city, all I hear after I wake up are artificial noises: the neighbors’ loud stereo sets blaring in full volume while creating clashing mixes of discordant rhythms, hopeful amateur singers rendering their versions of foreign artists’ songs with the help of their video karaoke machines, and last but not the least, the din of transport vehicles trying to drown the rest of the natural sounds left. One can call it all an audible nightmare.

Anyone could endure these pollution to the ears to a certain extent. But once the point of one’s limits is reached, the decision to get far away from it all could prove to be the best option for a change: more serene surroundings.

I saw such an opportunity and I grabbed it. I moved back to the province, leaving the chaos of the city behind.

Today, and everyday that follows, when I wake up all I hear is the best music to my ears: birds cooing and chirping, hens squawking, roosters crowing, carabaos (water buffaloes) and cows mooing and many more animals creating their natural sounds.

Aren’t these much better than before? I believe so!


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