Whisper Explained

Do you sometimes hear sudden bursts of inspiration whenever you’re doing something routinely? Short ideas that seem directly or indirectly connected with one another that do not even relate to your current chore?

Such occurrences happen to me while working the fields. Like the sun’s rays or the raindrops or just the wind passing by, I feel enveloped by some force I cannot explain. It is as if my eyes capture the moment without seeing what it really is.

Telepathic messages from aliens? (laughs) Perhaps/ From natural forces around me? Maybe. From other sources I could never define with words? Makes sense.

I am attached to Nature, being far from the city’s din. Silence here has a pleasant noise, more meaningful than somewhere else. I do like it.

So, whenever I write something in my Whisper category, I don’t think about it. Words just come out from nowhere as if they have lives of their own, I just type them as they appear in my inner vision.


25 thoughts on “Whisper Explained

  1. Thank you for your like on my post -Letting go- by return, I have looked at your blog and like what I have read so far – Whispers (Explained) – look forward to reading up some more.

    1. Thanks for your visit. I am just ready to sign off for the day. Got a hectic out of the Net work in the field. I’ll stop by your blog site next time.

  2. The wind, the breeze, the leaves and waves of grain all are moving in whispers. The brook and stream gurgle their whispers, the ocean crashes their words… You have me thinking on so many levels here. Hope that you have a lovely day with whispers that are calming and soothing. Gentle breezes and clouds moving silently across your vision.

  3. I love this. I, too, sometimes write like this. I have no idea what I’m going to write and I just let it flow out without even thinking about it. It truly comes from within, from the heart. Great post.

      1. My best posts are written this way. If I sit down with pen and paper and say to myself, “ok, write a post now”. Not happening. I do, however, sleep with my clipboard and paper and pen in my bed, so if something good crosses my mind, I can jot it down so I don’t forget and sometimes I’ll build a post from just a few lines that went through my head. I believe it’s the best writing technique, myself.:)

      2. Well, as you can see I have my own style. That’s the way I do my whole life, my way. You inspire me. Keep up the good work. You write beautifully.:)

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