Twist of Fate

Everyone needs a vacation, right? But the pleasurable activity costs especially it the destination chosen is far away from one’s abode.

To finance it, one needs to work a lot, scrimp on daily expenses and save whatever extra money without sacrificing one’s daily basic needs, The planning on where to go and how to finally get there complete the task.

What then, if your vacation leads you to a permanent stay? Chances are you really enjoyed the place and the life, that you’re willing to uproot yourself from that place you left behind which you call home and make a new one instead.

The allure of a different lifestyle is not uncommon to travelers. Other people migrate and start new lives. Reasons vary but the common denominator is the change of scenery.

I, for one, fell in that category even though I did spend my vacation with one condition: if I feel something special during my stay, then it is a sign to embrace a new beginning.

Here I am, fifteen years later and counting. I experienced all the hardships in the process but I always knew I made the right decision. 🙂


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