Right Direction

After spending a number of hours (possibly hundreds) surfing the Net, I can probably claim that I am making progress. The difficulty of going it alone, without any expert tutoring, is making my Web journey circuitous but at the same definitely worthwhile because of the self discoveries I made.

Offline, I continue revising drafts of old writings. I must admit though that I have a long, long way to go before I can see any of my manuscripts in book form.  I know my limitations as a writer but perhaps self publishing can help me get some attention.

Gut feeling tells me that I am in the right direction. I am still optimistic of my chances in the literary world. If given the chance to get noticed, I’ll be more than pleased to be subjected to objective criticisms. To have feedback, good or bad, means I am being read.

I believe, a writer needs the confirmation from strangers that he is one.


4 thoughts on “Right Direction

  1. Just know, that you can do whatever you wish. Everything and anything is possible with positive energy and the first is believing in thyself~ Remember no fear, just GO FOR IT!!!

  2. And you are one! Keep writing. I like your style. And I like your organizing technique with your posts! Very cool.

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