I don’t know if this is a local thing or not. The practice of showing off one’s importance in public turns some people off. Unfortunately, among the different sectors of society. those who are newcomers using the technology commit much of the spectacle.

When you receive a call, you answer it, right?

A call, being a private conversation, is handled with care. You obviously want to lower your voice, especially in public places, so as not to reveal any information you want to be secret. Common sense dictates that one should be wary of eavesdroppers.

What’s funny though, some folks even raise their voices when receiving calls. I don’t know if they wish getting everyone’s attention or simply to show off the latest model of the expensive gadget they use. Those in the background can either care or don’t.

On the other end of the extreme, a less fortunate individual may do the same loud display just to get noticed, that he has arrived i.e. he’s ‘in’. The self importance is obvious for personal gratification.

During those days of the first analog cellular phones, I must admit I was guilty of the practice, But not for the reasons stated above. I had the perfect alibi (laughs). My unit had a worn-out mic that the person on the other side barely hears my voice. A louder voice was a must,


2 thoughts on “Loud

  1. I think some people shout into phones because they’re going deaf or the people they’re talking to are going deaf. My father used to do this when speaking to his own hard-of-hearing father. Now my father is going deaf himself and I have to raise my own voice when talking to him.

    1. You’re probably right. 🙂
      However, newer technologies provide ultra sensitive microphones on cellphones that could pick up normal levels of voice. You can even use the speaker phone function at home to do something else while the phone rests somewhere near.
      Now, the problem probably lies with the difficulty of hearing as you pointed out. 🙂

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