Thirteen years into the 21st century, we still experience power interruptions. People in developed countries seldom hear the word ‘blackout’ or experience one more often than necessary.

Nothing can dampen one’s spirits more than when you are in the middle of a session and power supply suddenly went poof. You lose the last part of an important revision that you have to do a rewrite again. (This similar incident happened to me more than once. Grrr!)

This problem is a major priority for the government to address as soon as possible. Unfortunately, investors do not want to get involved because of the changing regulations whenever a new president is elected.

I hope for that one day I can have my computer turned on indefinitely without the worry that a power outage or power fluctuation will occur.

For now, dream on.


4 thoughts on “Busted

    1. It is a costly alternative. I am still waiting for the price of solar panels to do down considerably. That’s what I believe is the best option for us.

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