I was contented establishing my foothold on selected social media networks.

However, my next objective (and main concern) was how to attract readers. An unknown like me had to show something original (or entertaining) to get some attention.

Frankly, when I got on board, I felt like an orphan. I tried to get followers by following as many people as possible. It was like promoting oneself to be liked, not knowing if they would be interested to follow back. But, isn’t that the point of blogging?

Lucky me if I am a popular TV or movie personality, a politician, a journalist or just plain rich. Sadly, I am a nobody. Who’ll give a whit of time to read what I wish to share? I hope I am mistaken with this initial reaction.

I think various networks have their own magic for users to interact with online. However, I feel reluctant to follow some people who has no time or interest to return the favor. I may like their sites, views, opinions but I think is is also fair that they have to show their appreciation with even a short visit to mine.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Followers

  1. Belsbror – I am a 72 year old retired guy living in Florida. I never wrote a creative line in my working life. I am not on any social media – no twitter or anything like it. I am not on Facebook. I write because I enjoy it. I have had over 12,000 views on my blog. Good enough for me!! 🙂 Regards.

    1. You found one of my very first posts. 🙂
      I was starting back then so it was obvious I felt depressed for not getting any attention. It was difficult to seek out readers to check me out.
      You have achieved a lot. I am glad you enjoyed writing like i do. I am still learning the tricks so I apologize for my grammatical errors. English is not my mother tongue so I am working hard to study the nuances of the language.

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