When I first heard about social network sites (before I chanced upon WordPress), I was not too keen to join the fray. I joined Facebook first mainly because I wished to establish contact with my sister and her family abroad. It was quicker than the snail mail we used to send messages and pictures.

Then, there was Twitter. Initially, I believed it was somewhat out of my league. I thought that if you want to be at par with fellow twitters, you must possess sharp intellect, wide knowledge of varied subjects and possibly an acidic tone to boot. The honeymoon stage was worth it though after a couple of months I got tired of its allure.

Still curious, I had to check out other networks. I might as well visit all the sites popular with the crowd.

I knew I would be spending much time and effort trying to fit in. But as part of my learning process, I believe every bit of practice makes a lot of sense.


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