Trying to enter the unknown zone makes you question your main objective. The ‘why’ is easier to answer than the ‘how’ when you do not possess the adequate skills required for the foray.

Good if you have someone knowledgeable to assist and guide you whenever you find yourself scratching your head. But if you are all alone in front of the computer, you might as well ask the spirits in the air to endow you with enough courage to attempt what you want to accomplish without the disastrous consequences if you press the wrong keys,

Yes, you want to succeed with the endeavor. Yet, you should be willing to invest a lot of time and patience to even understand terminologies foreign to you. And there are too numerous to digest and absorb. And they will undoubtedly give you headaches during the learning process.

Many instructions you might think helpful could be beyond your comprehension because your brain understands only plain English. Reading technical terms will keep your translating acumen busy, much like the feeling of a foreigner who finds himself roaming in rural China.

Those sentiments are not mine alone. I am sure some of you shares them.

I believe that almost everyone started with minimal knowledge in this aspect. However, learning something each day, even as simple as deleting the correct file, will help me through the ordeal.


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