Facing me is a task I am incapable of mastering in a short period of time.

My first few steps in the Web were wobbly like a child learning to walk. I know what I wanted to do but I had the faintest idea on how to do it. I stared at the netbook screen without a clue on where to start. I was lost.

Using the time-tested trial and error method was my solution. What could possibly go wrong? (My only major concern was an unintentional reformatting of my hard drive.)

After I created my first email address, I was ready to communicate with the world, much better than the old system I am used to which was beginning to fade away from daily usage. My surfing experience became a new avenue in my search for further knowledge.

Information galore! I raved.

Excitement increased exponentially as I became aware of thousands of possibilities at my fingertips. I was physically tired but mentally hungry for more.

Alas, several months later, I discovered but a small fraction of what’s out there. I have to be more realistic in my expectations to stay focused on what I really needed to accomplish: get my writing noticed.

Then, I discovered WordPress. A new medium for social interaction was opened to me.


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