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Welcome fellow travelers!

In truth, I still can’t believe I am writing this. Almost two months have passed since I wrote the blog’s front page which was not even about me. Composing my first post is very difficult because I have absolutely no idea what to say. Beginner’s jitters and all introduce the fear of not making the grade.

But still, I want to be heard (by anyone willing to give me a chance). I am ready. (crossed fingers)


There are countless subjects I am passionate of writing about. I like to scrutinize them like objects on display, looking at them at different angles and deciding to comment about their qualities that interest and intrigue me. Analyzing issues is my mental exercise and looking for certain twists that are not obvious is what drives me.

I want to share my views and opinions about almost anything under the sun. I may ask questions that some people will not care to remark about or I can express comments that may sound weird to others. I will write about them anyway.

I also believe I have much to learn. Blogging will be a good outlet to show my own brand of writing. To receive comments and suggestions from visitors will provide me inputs on how to be a better writer.

Here and now, I start my journey. It will not be complete if I will go through it alone. So, join me.

Wish me the best of luck. 🙂


16 thoughts on “Visit Me

  1. I love the look of your blog, it’s fantastic! I don’t know why your posts don’t come up as I wish to follow you, but shall do it manually.

    1. Ah! You found my very first post. 🙂
      I am halfway through the overhaul. I never thought it would too difficult. But, I will finish it. That’s for sure.

      1. yes, I have far fewer posts and thus, when I gave some consideration to a new template, I tried it for a few minutes and – NAH – it was going to be far too much work for a little difference in usefulness. I can work around it easy enough and then I made some changes to begin that with my main page and use of tabs and a category search option…. I probably will add a few tabs.

        I can see you took on a lot of work.

        Best wishes dear friend.
        ~ Eric

  2. Dear Belsbror:
    I have noticed that when I visit your avatar your main blog here is not listed with a link.
    I think it would be ever so helpful if you would consider placing a link to your blog on your avatar.
    That way when you place a “Like” on somebody’s blog they can mouse click on your avatar and be able to communicate more easily with you.
    Just a suggestion.
    I do love your blog.

    1. I am at a loss why it was unlinked. The last time I checked (not long ago) one could click my avatar and be directed automatically to my site. I made changes at this moment and I will check it it works.
      Thank you for informing me. I appreciate the support. 🙂

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